75% of Reishi Products Are Not Authentic

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A new study has found that up to 75% of reishi products are not authentic. It was carried out by scientists at the American Botanical Council. They analyzed 19 reishi supplements, which included six samples of powdered fruiting body and one with added polysaccharides. They also analyzed 11 different extracts, including mycelium. The study results are not yet publicly available, but Gafner has commented on the results, saying that only 26.3% of the tested products were authentic. The sample size was small, but still representative of the US market.

Reishi products often contain images of mycelium or fruiting body, which are not the same. Some products are fake because they contain ingredients that are not authentic. Some of these products are also not certified as organic. You can easily spot an imitation by looking for the label. Some of these fake reishi products will not contain the ingredients you need. You can easily tell if a product is authentic if it bears the reishi fruiting body and mycelium.

Some of these products are not genuine. Some of them contain non-reishi mushroom caps, which are not edible. They are fake and contain little or no biological value. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as it will decrease the quality of their milk. Those who suffer from low blood pressure should avoid reishi mushroom. It may also interact with other medications for hypertension.

Reishi is a saprophyte mushroom that lives on dead trees. It gets its nutrition by metabolizing non-living organic matter. Reishi breaks down this dense organic matter into fine matter that is then utilized by the mycelial web in the soil. Other organisms feed off of this fine matter. This is why Reishi is so effective in killing off diseases.

Reishi mushrooms are sold in many different varieties. However, some of them are not authentic and contain multiple species of Ganoderma. The best-quality reishi mushrooms are reddish in color, while others are yellowish or white. A high-quality reishi will not contain any traces of reishi. Most of these mushrooms are not authentic, which is why you should choose carefully.

It is important to remember that 75% of the Reishi products in the market are not Authentic. Most of these companies use cheap, non-nutrition-dense reishi powder as their main source of nutrition. But many of them are not authentic. So, it is crucial to do your research and find the best reishi supplement to suit your needs. So, read reviews and be sure to buy an authentic one.

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