How to Dose Kava

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To get the most out of this herb, you need to know how to dose kava. Depending on the amount of kava you use, you may experience a tingling sensation in your mouth, numbness or tingling, and a feeling of well-being. The effects of kava may take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half to fully set in. This is because the effects are subtle and gradual, and you should be patient. Dosing a large amount of kava could cause you to feel ill.

Kava is available as a herbal supplement and comes in capsules, tablets, and tinctures. The tincture is the most common form. It contains dissolved kava in alcohol and is usually taken on an empty stomach. To get the most benefits from kava, use the smallest dosage possible and take it for no longer than three months. Avoid drinking alcohol while you're taking kava.

Because kava is an herb with various side effects, how to dose kava varies from person to person. Dosing kava is based on one's body chemistry, size, and personal tolerance. If you're new to kavalactones, you may not notice any effects at first, but if you're patient, you'll feel the positive effects of kava.

You should also consult a doctor before taking kava - there are no known cases of overdoses in humans. The recommended dosage for kava is 250mg, and you may feel groggy the next day. A cup of a typical kava beverage contains about 500mg of kavalactones. In Tonga or Fiji, one cup of kava contains about 200mg of kavalactones. However, recreational users of dried Kava often consume five to twenty cups per session.

Because of its anxiolytic effects, kava is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. It takes up to two hours for kava to take effect. Taking a higher dose of a kava product is safe if you are taking a higher dose for an illness. To avoid side effects, make sure to follow instructions carefully. It's important to understand the ingredients.

While kava is generally safe for most people, it is recommended to consult with a health care provider if you are using it to treat a medical condition. Although kava is generally considered a safe herbal supplement for short-term use, it can impair motor skills and interact with other medications. In addition, if you're taking prescription medication, you should consult with your doctor before taking kava.

The kava dosage ranges from five to ten grams per day. For beginners, you'll want to start off with a lower dose of five grams and increase it by two grams every day. The standardized dose for kava is 70-210 mg per day. This amount is considered clinically effective for treating generalized anxiety disorder. While a high dose may be the most effective for the treatment of social anxiety, the same amount may not work as well for you.

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