About Us

About Us

We Are True2Mushrooms...


True2Mushrooms was formed with two things in mind: Education and quality. Education in allowing people to reap the benefits of Organic Chinese Mushrooms (the same ones used for 1000s of years). But, also ensuring the best quality of product possible.


See, there’s a slight problem in the mushroom industry. There are many mushroom sellers, but not many of them focus on the pure quality of their extract. At True2Mushrooms, we hand deliver only the purest extracts of mushrooms. Mushrooms that follow a unique water extraction method.


Our water extraction method draws out the water-soluble polysaccharides – beta-D-glucans and alpha-glucans, that make our mushrooms so beneficial to your health.


The result in our extraction? Allowing people (like yourself) to intake the best, purest and most health-beneficial extract of mushroom.